Feedback from Participants

Good and interesting content, best trainer. Gave me a lot of information.
~ Farhan, fresh graduate

Very good course. I learned a lot, how to present and how to produce slides. I will introduce this programme to other friends and if necessary invite Ms Sandy to come to my workplace to talk about this topic. Overall, this programme is excellent.
~ Faridah, physiotherapist

Today, I have learned a lot of things and that there is always room for improvement. I was glad to join this programme as I have made a lot of new friends despite the age gap. I was happy to have Ms Sandy, she was a great teacher and I will definitely come again for a different programme next time.
~ Fatin, secondary school student

I learned a lot. The class was perfect.
~ Luqman, student

I learned many things in this training conducted by Sandy. Presentation techniques and slides improvement and so on. Appreciate more skills training on effective presentation in future.
~ Shoba, manager/trainer/speaker

I’ve learned how to create good slides, and presentation skills. A great speaker may not need slides in his/her speech, but slides can enhance the points if used well. This is what I learned from this class.
~ Stephanie, activist