Feedback from Participants

I enjoyed my time here and learned a lot of tips and ways about public speaking. I also learned how to overcome my fears and connect with the audience.
~ Amir, student

This programme is by far the most enjoyable one that I have ever participated in and it really helps me improve my ability to confidently share my stories and opinions with other people.
~ Fadhil, student

The explanations and examples are easy to understand. Practice session after each level explained.
~ Ida Azhar, unit trust consultant

The programme provided a very good introduction to the fundamentals of public speaking.
~ Marcus, intern

Being in this class reminds me of the time I was in high school. It thought me how to be a better speaker, to speak with confidence with a calm mind. I just wished I learned all of this during my high school years as it will save me from many embarrassments on stage. Overall, a very good programme.
~ Yusuf, student