Feedback from Participants

I learned many new phrases and new ways to express my ideas.
~ Azami, lecturer

It was a good workshop on business writing. Pls keep it up. I express my gratitude to Ms. Sandy and wish her success.
~ Dr. Hussain, lecturer

The workshop is relevant and beneficial to learners. I have learned a lot on how to avoid some common mistakes in business writing. In addition, the practices and exercises are really useful in helping us realize and tackle our own mistakes. This programme has improved my business writing skills.
~ Elaine, teacher

From the workshop, I realized that there are quite a number of small writing details that I never noticed before, which results in the some writing errors. Also, I learned to write with multiple words instead of using the same words.
~ Jack, credit management trainee

I got a chance where I have time to improve on my business writing. All this time, I have been making the same mistakes which is very frustrating.
~ Jarir, sales executive