Feedback from Participants

Interesting and focused. The exercises were helpful. The teacher gave good explanations. Enjoyed the class.
~ Ain, executive

Good lesson. I could pick up most of the pronunciations and have a better understanding of how to pronounce by referring to the dictionary as well as some differences of pronunciation not by formula. I stilll have a long way to go to practise and to catch the right way of pronouncing words. Many thanks Sandy.
~ John, retired

A good workshop where I may directly absorb the insights and knowledge into my day to day task, master of ceremony roles and working roles.
~ Liyana, corporate affair executive

The best programme that I attended. I now know more words and more about pronunciation. I hope this programme will be conducted again in future.
~ Nursyahirah, student

Good programme amd instructor. Hopefully can put the lessons into practise later.
~ Rau, officer

The workshop was really good and fun. I have learned the new way to pronounce English words correctly. I also learned the difference between British and American pronunciations.
~ Syed, student

I love learning new things and English is one of them. There are so many new words to learn which can be used daily. Today’s class was easy to undertand and absorb.
~ Zaim, technician