This workshop was definitely practical and educational. Consider making it suitable for everybody at any age to participate.
~ Asif, student

This course has helped me to identify my weak areas in public speaking. I have gained new knowledge and tips to prepare for future speeches.
~ Azim, auditor

Lots of interaction during the training. Participants are given chances to deliver speeches based on what they learned.
~ Chong, laboratory manager

The programme was very meticulous and covered various areas on public speaking. There was a lot of fund and serious learning as well. Wish there was more time to learn on other aspects of public speaking. Thanks to Sandy for sharing this amazing workshop.
~ Devadas, regional director

The topics were very well organized. I enjoyed the seminar and was able to identify some weaknesses and overcome them.
~ Irene, real estate negotiator

I found out many tips on how to be a better public speaker. I was always unsure of my speaking skills but today I am able to gauge my capabilities as well as identify bad habits I have when speaking publiclly.
~ Sean, student

This workshop helped me to be more confident and outspoken.
~ Vanitha, homemaker